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Fox Does the Same Thing It Accuses the "Liberal" Media of Doing

Reported by Melanie - December 7, 2007 -

A constant, and I mean constant, theme on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" show, is that "the media" (of which, apparently, Fox is not a part) consistently fails to report all the good economic news that's floating around out there. Fox claims that the gloomy mood of the "purchasing class" is "the media's" fault because it doesn't tell them just how great things really are. Then again, the way Fox behaves when it "reports" all that good economic news belies its own spin.

With video.

Take today (December 7, 2007). Instead of focusing on the stock market and all that good news, host Terry Keenan opened the show with "breaking news" about a robbery attempt in Pennsylvania that occurred 5-1/2 hours earlier. From there she went on to two segments about Barry Bonds' not guilty plea and to two segments about the Clinton/Obama campaigns and Oprah Winfrey. You get the idea.

Keenan finally got around to reporting the closing numbers on the Dow 45 minutes into the show, at the beginning of yet another segment about the media captioned, "Media Downplaying Good News on Economy: Bad for Stocks?" The gist of the roundtable discussion was that there is good and bad news, though Jim Pethorkoukis of U.S. News & World Report went along with Fox's propaganda: The media is,

being extraordinarily too negative. Incomes have been growing rapidly for the past three years. Now, how many times have you heard that we're actually in a six year expansion and really in a 25 year super-boom, the anniversary of which was last November? You don't hear it. It's not surprising to me that people are so down.

In total, the segment lasted two minutes and 36 seconds. The "business news" aired during that time (most of it in the chyron) constituted the entirety of the "business news" reported during the whole show.

Comment: So yet again, Fox takes its audience for idiots, which they are if they think Cavuto is a business news show. 45 minutes in, it gets around to talking about "business news" by airing a segment bashing the media liberal media for not reporting all the good news. But Fox doesn't report it either, because the news is bad! Watch Fox and be stupid.