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O'Reilly Gets Nailed for Hypocrisy by Columbia University Psychologist

Reported by Deborah - December 6, 2007 -

Stephanie Jones. a Clinical Psychologist from Columbia University, appeared on The O'Reilly Factor tonight to discuss the possibly fabricated video of a gang attacking a subway rider in New York City. After discussing the problems of internet abuse, Dr. Jones took BOR by surprise when she told him she was "disappointed" that he aired the video.

O'Reilly got defensive telling Jones, " I gotta cover the news." Then he slipped and admitted that Jennifer Love Hewitt was angry that he aired footage of her recently . " I had to run the pictures", he explained again.

Sure enough a little later he aired the embarrassing footage of Hewitt's rear that have been put on the internet with nasty captions about her weight. He also aired a no underwear shot of Brittany Spears without a digital pasty and another unflattering big boob shot of some unrecognized victim. No doubt these were also imperative parts of his story.

Back in February 2007, Laura Ingraham scolded Bill for his sex laden videos. Ingraham wondered if it was a symptom of a " mid-life crisis". Of course while Ingraham was making this observation, we News Hounds were already gathering a collection.

Once again, Bill O'Reilly thinks he can keep pulling the same stunts and nobody will notice.