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Hannity’s America – Hypocrisy Spiced With Irony

Reported by Chrish - December 6, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Sean Hannity, in the December 2nd edition of “Hannity’s America,” “exposed” British MP George Galloway as being “sympathetic” to terrorism. When Hannity said that this occurred during an interview of Galloway with Rusty Humphries of World Net Daily and World Net Daily’s Jerusalem Bureau chief, Aaron Klein I wasn’t surprised. Right wing World Net Daily and left wing George Galloway are political polar opposites. Nothing to see here, move on – right? Not quite, as the interview (not surprisingly) ended badly after the WND “journalists,” pressed (in my opinion, politely and appropriately) pro-Palestinian Galloway about whether he felt that Hamas was a terror organization. Galloway then ended the interview and said that he would be calling the police.

When Klein and Humphries arrived in the lobby the police were waiting for them and they were briefly detained by police who agreed that they had done nothing wrong.

Hannity’s guests are really echo chambers for his right wing talking points, so rather than discuss Galloway’s politics, Klein (interviewed by Hannity on a live feed from elsewhere) proceed to complain about how he was treated.

First talking point: he claimed that “the left don’t like debate and try to shut it down” which is shown by the left “trying to bring back the fairness doctrine.” He added that we see it “all the time” when liberals storm the stages.” Not surprisingly he accused liberals of wanting to eliminate free speech.

Second talking point: he claimed that Americans think that terrorism is just relegated to foreign countries; but that is just a short term thing because the terrorists “are trying to spread their brand of Islam in America.”

Third talking point: the media apologize for terrorists. Of course, non-journalist Hannity didn’t interrupt him with any counterpoint. (Comment: In order to squelch any controversy about Hannity’s campaigning for Giuliani, as a journalist, Fox’s vice president of programming, Bill Shine, described him as a “conservative commentator.” So I guess that means he’s exempt from “fair and balanced.”)

The irony, here, is priceless. As News Hound Ellen so well summarized in her thread, “Hannity's PD Tries To Have DailyKos Blogger Arrested For Asking Tough Questions,” it’s just not liberals who try to “shut down free speech.” As noted in Ellen’s piece, Hannity’s goon called the police when “Dave from Queens” attempted to politely and appropriately ask Mark Levin and Sean Hannity a question. The American police, as did the British, felt that there was really no problem. As far as I know, Dave has not gone on the so called “liberal media” to whine about his treatment and complain about conservatives trying to “shut down free speech.”

Comment: Klein claimed that liberals storm stages “all the time.” While there have been isolated incidences, it is not a trend; but then the right wing does love hyperbole. Ann Coulter spoke at a California university during Islamofascist awareness week and there were no pies. Horowitz did the same at Columbia and there was no problem. Hence, not “all the time.” Conservative Bill O’Reilly (who has an “enemies list”) threatened a caller “with a little visit from Fox security, for mentioning Keith Olbermann’s name on the air.” Keith Olbermann was sent white powder from someone who adored Ann Coulter and Michellel Malkin and posted on Free Republic. Blogger Mike Stark was assaulted by George “Macaca” Allen’s thugs when Mike attempted to ask a question of the one time presidential hopeful. After Bill O’Reilly “exposed” what he felt was a “sex scandal” at Colorado’s Boulder High, teachers there received death threats. Conservative hate-talk show host Melanie Morgan recommended that the editor of the NYTimes be convicted of treason and added that she wouldn’t have a problem with his being sent to a gas chamber. So who is really upset about free speech?

Comment: Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla