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Fox Fails to Clarify That Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim

Reported by Melanie - December 6, 2007 -

I thought the issue of Barack Obama being a Muslim -- he isn't and has never been -- was over and done with. Not on Fox. Fox brought it up today (December 6, 2007) and let it hang without adding a word or two to inform its viewers that that rumor is false.

Video below the fold.

Brenda Buttner introducing Dick Morris:

A smear email about Barack Obama forces a volunteer with the Clinton campaign to resign. The volunteer forwarded an email that suggested Barack Obama is a Muslim, who wants to destroy America from within. Clinton's campaign managers calling it outrageous, offensive, say they were totally unaware of it. This race getting dirtier by the minute. And you know what, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris called it long ago. Dick, welcome


Thank you.


Would it surprise you to think that perhaps somebody higher in the campaign might have known about this?


Ah, they probably did but I don't think that the Clinton campaign authorized it.

Comment: Watch the video. A transcript doesn't do it justice. Listen to the intonation in Buttner's voice. It sounds to me as if she's saying Obama is a Muslim, but the "smear" is that he wants to "destroy America from within." Fox let this hang and didn't clarify it during the Morris interview, which quickly turned to a discussion about this.

Maybe it's just me but I think the viewers were left with a question as to whether Obama is or isn't a Muslim. I mean, cagey, isn't it, that Fox didn't take the time to insert "-- but he isn't --" somewhere in there?