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Fox All Over The Pres Helping The Sub Prime Mtgs, But They Don't Really Help The Poor People And E.D. Hill Shows All Of Her Legs

Reported by Donna - December 6, 2007 -

E.D. Hill from America's Pulse had Patricia Powell from Powell Financial Group to talk about the freeze that was going to be put on some sub prime mortgages. And E.D. Hill shows some sleaze in an inappropriate mini skirt that went up to the top of her legs when she sat down.

While E.D. Hill sat down in her pink miniskirt with maximum leg showing she attempted to interview Ms. Powell. Hill sat on a bar stool with her skirt hiked up to the top of her leg. Powell said the economy is slowing down and she went on to tell a surprised E.D. Hill that the people who would be getting the freeze had to be current with their mortgage.

Hill asked about the people who were late on their payments. Powell told her these people were not included in this program. So, the poor people who have been struggling will still lose their houses.

Powell said that the president was doing this so we didn't tip the whole economy into recession.

Comment: Oh, the 'R' word was said on Fox, Recession. And of course Bush is looking out for himself when he's trying to stay out of recession. He doesn't want to be the one to be blamed for it. But he will if the economy stays as it is.

Before this report Fox had tried to play it like this was good news from Bush, he's freezing the rates on some sub prime rates. The key word was some.