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Fair and Balanced? Only If You're A Republican, Romney's Sr Advisor Speaks Of His Speech As Brilliant

Reported by Donna - December 6, 2007 -

Shepard Smith said that people had been talking about it for months but Mitt Ronmey came through with the big religiious speech.

They had a clip of Romney who said that religious affairs and government affairs are two different things. He also said he was able to handle it as a Governor.

The banner read, 'Mitt Romney Delivers "Faith In America" Speech

They then gave the national polls for Republicans which had Giuliai at 25.7%, Huckabee at 14%, McCain at 13.3%, Thompson at 13.3% and Romney at 10.5%.

Smith then had the former Missouri Senator, Jim Talent. who is now the Senior Advisor for Romney's campaign.Talent said his advice to the Romney was to share his heart with the people, answer the questions and use his own words about his faith. He said he went on and spoke about the importance of faith in America, and around the world and that it was a very profound and moving speech. Talent said the audience was moved by it, it was a really great speech.

The banner read, 'Romney Losing Ground To Mike Huckabee In Iowa Poll'

Smith said he watched all the coverage and this might stop the slide.and would he pick up some traction. Smith asked Talent if this would get him some traction and if this would change the minds of the 1 in 4 people who said they wouldn't vote for a Mormon? Talent replied that he gave a great speech and they know they have to keep going after the issues. He said that Romney took an opputunity that went beyond this campaiign, a statement that trancsended this campaign, itt was brilliant. It was very moving.

The banner read, 'Romney's Speech Compared To One Delivered By JFK'

Smith asked Talent what was the next thing he should do. Talent said he should talk about the issues on strong families and where he comes from. Talent said he also spoke about a strong country and a strong military. Talent added that he needs to continue to talk about his concerns..

Smith asked if he had any concerns with religion with a politcal race. Talent said that of course people have concerns, Romney didn't elevate them. Talent said he thinks he answered those questions. Talent also said it was one of those speeches and when you give it from the heart it really transcends, it works. And it really worked today, he said, he was enormously impressed.
Talent added that except for Tony Blair's speech to Congress, this was really the best speech he had witnessed.

Comments: Can you have a more softball interview? Ordinarily you'd have a Democratic strategist on to counter what the Republican said. But who does Studio B have on? Jim Talent, Romney's Senior Advisor. All the accolades Romney was given came from his Senior Advisor. He was starting to go overboard.

I'm sick of all the exclusive interviews Republicans have on Fox with softball questions. Maybe a Democrat would appear on Fox if they were given the same softball questions and adoration from someone who was an advisor on their staff and no one else on the other side like the Republicans get.