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Dick Morris Says Hillary Wants to Lose Iowa -- and NH and SC Too?

Reported by Melanie - December 6, 2007 -

Today (December 6, 2007), for the second time in four weekdays, Clinton hater Dick Morris appeared on Your World w/Neil Cavuto to talk about what is going on in Hillary Cinton's head. Morris, who may or may not be a consultant to the Huckabee campaign, gave his fellow Clinton haters a reason to worry about Hill even if she loses in Iowa.

Fox had Morris on ostensibly to talk about the Clinton volunteer who resigned "over Obama Smear E-Mail," but that topic was essentially passed over so Morris could get to what he apparently sees as the bigger issue:

The interesting thing that Hillary is trying to do now is, she's losing her national lead. She's losing her Iowa lead. I think Hillary is going to lose Iowa and I think there's a good change she'll lost New Hampshire and if she loses those two to an African-American, she'll probably lose South Carolina too because that state's black vote will then go for Obama. If she loses the first three primaries, everybody'll say she's dead, but she's not.

Right now she's trying to get the attention focused on Obama. Everybody's asking Hillary questions...

Substitute host Brenda Buttner interrupts:

That makes sense, right?

Back to Morris:

...but she wants Obama to be put in the spotlight and for him to get grilled.

Buttner interrupts again:

Right. I mean, she's been the focus for too long at this point and there's a lot of negatives coming out about her.


And the only way that Hillary can get the focus moved to another person is to lose an election. She has to lose in Iowa in order for that to happen. ... In a real sense, Hillary needs to lose some elections to have a shot at winning.

Comment: Bottom line for the Clinton hating Fox audience is that they can't relax even if Hillary, that conniving, power hungry fiend, loses in Iowa. They can't relax if she loses in New Hampshire, and they can't relax if she subsequently loses in South Carolina either. She needs to lose "some" elections -- it would actually be good for her -- and she's scheming to do so. Pfft. I'm no political strategist and I'm certainly not for Hillary Clinton but I think Morris is full of sh*t. I think losing two or three straight primaries would spell the end for any of the presidential campaigns. Seems to me that Morris' main cred isn't his expertise at campaign strategy but his ability to spin tall tales about the Clintons, and that's about it.