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Another 1 Billion Is Missing In Iraq

Reported by Donna - December 6, 2007 -

There was breaking news today on Studio B with Shepard Smith at the end of the show that stated 1 billiion dollars worth of goods and equipment were missing.

Steve Centanni said that the Iraqi Security Forces were supposed to get these goods, but they can't be found. Some of the missing items included 18 - 31 heavy trucks, 12 ,000 to 13,000 weapons - missing. A thirty million dollar contract for constuction, the money is gone but no construction was done.

Comments: It totally amazes me that the American people sit back and allow this to happen. We never found out where the missing 9 billion dollars went at the beginning of the year. Corruption is still running wild in Iraq and we're not getting any answers. Yet, we can veto bills for child healthcare - totally amazing.