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Shepard Smith Says "But We're Conservative And On The Republican Side"

Reported by Donna - December 5, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he threw out Fox's 'Fair & Balanced' claim when he came out and said, "But we're conservative and on the Republican side" when speaking to radio host Laura Ingraham about national polls.

In saying this quote, Smith asked Laura Ingraham who she was voting for on the Republican side. Ingraham asked Smith if he really thought she would reveal that anymore than him. That's when he made the infamous quote "But we're conservative and on the Republican side"

They started with the Democrats at the beginning of the segment saying Clinton was down to 34%, Obama had 24% and Edwards had 16%. Smith said these were Clinton's lowest levels yet. That's when he went to Laura Ingraham and she said that the person with the most money historically has won the nomination. Ingraham said that Hillary was an excellent campaigner and she still thought Hillary would be the one even though she'd had a couple of rough weeks out there. She said that people might think that Obama looks different and were saying we're beyond race out there. Smith said we've heard this big theory that her air of invincibility might be crackling around her and I love to hear her detractors say she might be crumbling.

The banner read, 'Hillary's Lead Shrinking, Now Attracting 34% Of Vote

They then gave the Republican numbers with Huckabee at the top with 20%, Giuliani with 17%, McCain with 13%, Romney with 13% and Thompson with 10%.

(I should remind everyone that these are daily Rasmussen Polls with a +\- 4 margin of error)

Smith seemed real excited to report that there was a new national leader amongst the Republicans, Mike Huckabee and he said that Rudy Giuliani with all the scandals following him had fallen to 17%. Smith asked Ingraham what was happening.

Ingraham said she didn't find it surprising that Giuliani had fallen because he's had some really rough weeks with Bernie Kerick and the scandals about the expenses when visiting his then girlfriend. She said a lot of people just hear that and think ick. (Comment: I do)

The banner read, 'Mike Huckabee Takes The Lead In The Republican Field'

Ingraham said that Huckabee has had the best 2 or 3 weeks of American politics. She said Huckabee was conversational, he's approachable, he answers questions and she said for Evangelical voters, (she said she was a Catholic but talks to a lot of Evangelicals) he really is the first candidate who spoke to them, to their sensibilities. She said he's like a fresh breath of air for them. She said the question for him was whether 20% was the real ceiling for him because the core Evangelical group was around 20%.

The banner read, 'Giuliani Has His Lowest Level Yet With Just 17%'

Smith asked Ingraham if there was concern about a split in the Republican Party with Huckabee being conservative, and the more moderates for Giuliani later. Ingraham said that she thinks it's going to be pretty tough for the Republicans if the election, the GOP nomination goes for Huckabee and Giuliani, because they really don't have a lot in common. She said she thinks it would be better if it was between Giuliani and Romney, they had more in common. She said the Huckabee/Giuliani split could really hurt the party because those two factions really don't like each other.

The banner read, 'Rudy Giuliani Has Lost 7% In Just One Week'

Smith said, "I can't see Huckabee in heels and a dress under, really, under any circumstances."

Ingraham said that is an image that will live on and on in eternity. She added that this was going to be a really fun race in Iowa for both races, that this was the future of conservatism for the Republicans. She said she didn't think that Huckabee would be able to take Romney in New Hampshire, Romney was about 25 points ahead there.

Comments: After denying (or just saying they may lean a little to the right, Shepard Smith comes out and says it -- "We're conservative and on the Republican side." The banners at the bottom of the screen are very telling, too. How much Hillary is down, how much Giuliani is down. Then Smith throws a zinger at Giuliani saying that he doesn't think that he'll be seeing Huckabee in a dress and heels. Smith also threw a zinger at Hillary when he said, " I love to hear her detractors say she might be crumbling."

You probably also noticed that they didn't have a Democratic Strategist on, just a Republican one. But they call her a radio host so that excludes her from either side? I don't think so. Rush Limbaugh is a radio host, too.

Wonder what Fox is saying?