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Fox Implies that George Bush Might Have Been in Danger Due to the Omaha Mall Shootings

Reported by Melanie - December 5, 2007 -

Your World w/Neil Cavuto was preempted today (December 5, 2007) by coverage, er, speculation and conjecture, of the Omaha, Nebraska mall shootings. It appears that nine are dead, including the gunman, but Fox breathlessly reported during the 4:00 p.m. ET hour that "the manhunt is over" -- the gunman was taken into custody after police found him hiding under a bench at a bus stop. Fox said five people had been shot, three were hospitalized, and one person was "probably dead" after being shot in the head. But the wildest "news" of all came when Fox implied that George Bush might have been in some danger because he was in Omaha earlier today -- raising money for the GOP (Fox didn't say why he was there).

Robert Strang and Bo Dietl were Terry Keenan's guests during the second half hour. Strang surmised that,

And you think about it, a day like today, when you know, you have the president in a situation and you have a person like this in that same environment, you know, you feel like the Secret Service also is going to be involved in this -- taking a look at whether or not there's any relationship between this shooting and the fact that you had a presidential detail in town that day.


Right. And the president is safely back, back in the White House but you make a good point.

Comment: Give it a shooting or a plane crash or a power outage and you can pretty much bet Fox will find a way to imply that the stability of the nation is in danger.