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Bush Tries His Tough Guy Tactics On Iran After NIE Report

Reported by Donna - December 5, 2007 -

On America's Pulse with E.D. Hill, today, she spoke about Bush talking tough to the Iranians over the NIE report. Apparently the President of Iran has asked the United States for an apology since the report said Iran had stopped it's nuclear plans in 2003.

E.D. Hill said that the president is calling on Iran to come clean, demanding that Iran tell the world about it's effort to build nuclear weapons. The effort in the past. This, even after the NIE report came out. Hill's response? She pumped her fists in the air and said Iran is declaring "VICTORY, apologize to us White House." Hill said the White House response was that Iran was absolutely absurd and needed a reality check.

She went to Mike Emmanuel at the White House who explained further. Emmanuel said the president didn't want the president of Iran to make news again today so he talked some more about the NIE, National Intelligence Estimate. The president was in Nebraska campaigning for his former Agriculture Secretary who is running for U.S. Senate and to also talk about healthcare. (cough-cough) But his first public comments were about Iran.

Bush said he spoke with Secretary of State, Rice and National Security Advisor, Hadley about their discussions with their European counterparts. Bush added that Britain, France, Germany and Russia all understand that the Iranian nuclear issue continues to be a problem, and one that must be addressed by the international community. The president said that Iran has some explaining to do and called on Tehran to come clean about the scope of it's nuclear activities and then suspend it's enrichment program.

The president said it was clear from the latest NIE that the Iranian government has more to explain about it's nuclear intentions in past actions. Especially the covert nuclear weapons program pursued until the fall of 2003, which the Iranian regime (Comment: Yes, he used the word regime as he does whenever he talks about someone he thinks is the bad guy, some may be, others not), has yet to acknowledge.
Bush added that the Iranians had a strategic choice to make.

Emmanuel said that the president of Iran says the U.S. Intelligence report saying Iran had stopped developing nuclear weapons four years ago is a quote "declaration of victory for Iran's nuclear program." Emmanuel added that the iranian president declared victory for the Iranian regime (Comment: Looks like Fox correspondants use the word the same way) against quote " the world powers over the nuclear issue." A White House spokesman called that absolutely absurd saying this was a covert program they hid from the international community and they still hide the details of this program.

Emmanuel added that the president was asked if he would offer an apology to Iran. He said the president laughed and then he told reporters who were traveling with him. that they could mark down that he had chuckled.

E.D. Hill went immediately to a story about the president giving some sub prime mortgage holders a break. (Not too obvious, right? Immediately go to a good Bush story)

Comments: Where does one begin? Bush is red faced today with that copy of the NIE coming out yesterday he went into attack mode on Iran's past programs. Just an incidental, they showed a clip of Bush walking down from our plane and I'm pretty sure I saw a woman wearing a real fur coat and Emmanuel said "Iraq" instead o Iran once, but these are only minor incidentals.

With mud on his face the stubborn president still tries to appear tough. Well, I'm pretty sure the whole world is laughing and not believing anything we say now after this. First it was all the lies leading up to war in Iraq and now we find out that Iran stopped it's nuclear program in 2003. I'm really curious as to how the other shows will spin this and how low can Bush's numbers go? How can one man make so many mistakes?

Can we stop talking about war with Iran now? Because I doubt if the international countries will be on our side.