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Just Like The Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction & The Nuclear Threat From Iraq - Only Now It's Iran?

Reported by Donna - December 4, 2007 -

Is Studio B with Shepard Smith driving up the hype on a possible war in Iran? Discussion was held on the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that said Iran had stopped it's nuclear weapon program four years ago.

A presumably flustered Bush said that wasn't true at all. (Comment: Sound familiar?) Mike Emmanuel reported on the segment. Emmanuel said that The NIE reported that Iran had stopped the nuclear ptogram in 2003. Bush said they are still dangerous and U.S. Policy remains the same. (Comment: C'mon, guess where we've heard this before?)

Bush said the best diplomacy is keeping all options (Comment: We know what that means -- WAR) on the table. Bush said he had spoken with Russian President Putin on the phone ,so I guess he didn't get to look into his eyes and they discussed how the U.S. and Russia were working together on Iran and had been effective. Bush said they discussed another UN Security Resolution if the Iran regime doesn't suspend it's nuclear activities (Comment: The NIR said they stopped their progrm in 2003; i(Comment: When Bush doesn't like a country it becomes a 'regime.'

Emmanuel said that Democrats back in Washington reacted by saying it's time to stop policy based on hype and fear. (Comment: Exactly, we're not falling for no banana up our tailpipes again!), The Democratic politician (not identified) said these had been the lost 7 years in the mideast for this country. He said that in the last month you've seen a complete reversal on everyone of these major pieces of this policy.

Emmanuel said that Bush said he saw this as a warning signal because they could restart their nuclear policy. (Comment: And Bush could start acting like a president)

Comments: Bush is pushing all the reasons he used for going to war in Iraq. I ask you, will you fall for it? A stronger position needed to be made on how Bush was saying they still might have a nuclear program. In fact, he insists on it. Does he really think the American people are that stupid that they would fall for that again?

Guess who they had on as an expert, John Bolton - 'Surrender Is Not An Option' is his new book he's trying to push. Of course he was on the Bush side saying that the problems with Iran were more credible than the ones in Iraq. (Comment: Boy are we in trouble) He said that the NIE has polticized this report. Of course it has -and at one point they put 'Fox News Cotributor, under John Bolton's name. Why do all the crooks go to Fox?

Did they have indepth coverage from a Democratic Strategist? Of course not, just the unitdentiied Democratic politican who got a short blurb.