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“Hannity’s America” Doesn’t Need No Steenking Fact Checkers

Reported by Chrish - December 4, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

On Sunday night’s (December 2nd) edition of “Hannity’s America,” Hannity played the "fear of illegal Mexican aliens transporting drugs" card, in combination with "fear of Islamic terrorists carrying WMD" card. (Comment: this card collection could be a “full house.”) He described the content of the upcoming segment as “an unholy alliance between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug lords.” He began the piece by referring to a Washington Times article which revealed, via “secret documents,” that Iraqi terrorists were planning on attacking the Fort Huachuca army base. (Comment: ah yes, the Washington Times, the source for FOX's reporting on the Obama/Madrassah story which proved to be false).

Hannity showed video of tunnels, dug under the US/Mexican border, of which he was given a tour during his trip to the area earlier this year. The DEA person who gave Hannity the tour said that the tunnels are being used by drug runners trying to get their product into the US. Hannity used this to segue into his interview with Sara Carter, who wrote this article in the Washington Times, on 11/26/2007, about a plan for Mexican drug lords to assist Islamic terrorists in attacking the army facility. Carter did say that the documents referred to a sub-source who interviewed with the DEA, but which had not been confirmed by either the DEA or the FBI or if it had been, “they’re not talking about it.” She claimed that the resourceful drug cartels would certainly be able to assist Islamic terrorists in conveying WMDs across the border. Hannity added that just “because the attack was thwarted it doesn’t mean that terrorists haven’t made it across the border.”

Well, surprise, surprise (not really) because lo and behold:
FBI says Fort Huachuca was not terror-attack target

"The FBI says a Washington Times report claiming an Arizona Army base was the target of a planned terror attack was never true. According to the Times' report, Fort Huachuca, which is 75 miles southeast of Tucson, was supposed to be attacked last May. Sixty Afghan and Iraqi terrorists working with a Mexican drug cartel were supposed to carry it out. An FBI spokesperson immediately said the report was false. However, a spokesperson for the base said changes to some security measures were made."

Comment: The Washington Times article was published on November 26th. Assuming that Hannity’s interview was on the 27th, wouldn’t you think that some fact checking with the FBI would have been done for corroboration? Assuming that the interview was anytime between the publication of the above article and the show, wouldn’t you think that some fact checking would have been done with both the FBI and/or the internet? Assuming that Hannity decided to run it anyway because of the importance of the tunnels, wouldn’t you think that Hannity could have spliced in a correction at the end of the segment? Seems like the “secret documents” were so secret that the FBI didn’t know about them! It’s a good thing that Hannity isn’t a journalist because this segment would have been considered very poor journalism underscoring a lack of integrity.

Nah, who needs fact checking when fiction serves the propaganda which provides the mythology so beloved in Hannity’s America.

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla