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Dick Morris Smear Of The Kennedys Too Distasteful Even For Hannity

Reported by Ellen - December 4, 2007 -

On Hannity & Colmes, no dirt on Democrats is too old to dig up and rehash but hardly any scandal about Republicans is worth discussing in the first place. On last night’s (12/3/07) show, Dick Morris made his weekly visit to bash Hillary Clinton discuss the presidential campaign. This week, however, Morris, with a little prompting from Sean Hannity, added the Kennedy’s to his hit list. But when Morris called Ted Kennedy a hog, it was too much even for Hannity. Of course, he shortly regained his composure, just in time to join Morris in calling Kennedy a murderer. Meanwhile, there was little to no discussion of the Giuliani shag fund. With video.

In Part 2 of a two-part discussion with Morris, Hannity asked about the effects of celebrity endorsements such as Oprah Winfrey for Barack Obama and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for Hillary Clinton. Then Hannity took a swipe at Kennedy. “By the way, this is the same Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that literally said about people in Iowa, ‘large scale hog producers are a greater threat to the U.S. and U.S. democracy than Osama bin laden and his terrorist network.’ I’m surprised that hasn’t gotten more play.” Uh, maybe because Kennedy made that comment in 2002.

Morris replied, “He doesn’t like hogs. With the possible exception of his uncle.”

“Oh, come on,” Alan Colmes said, sounding disgusted.

Hannity, obviously shocked, sputtered. “You know, you dig your own... You, you, I am ab-, You are on your own.”

The somewhat porcine Morris laughed at what he evidently thought was a funny moment, thanks to his wit.

Colmes quipped, “When you’ve got Hannity distancing himself from you, you know you’re in trouble.”

But Colmes was clearly not amused. When his turn began, he asked, “Just like Don Imus had a chance to apologize, (would) you like to take back that hog comment?”

“About Ted Kennedy?” Morris asked. “Murderer is probably a little worse than hog. And I wouldn’t take that one back… He killed somebody while DWI.”

Colmes noted that the charge had not been proved in a court of law.

Morris, obviously thinking he was on a roll now, said, “They don’t have them in Massachusetts.” (Another anti-American comment from the network that FOX News chief Roger Ailes brags “likes America.”

Hannity jumped in to say, “He left her that night. He left her, he left in the water. He left the scene. He left the scene of the accident. He left her there.”

At Colmes’ insistence, the discussion moved on.

Funny how none of the Kennedy matters occurred after 2002 (and the Chappaquiddick incident occurred in 1969) but the very current scandal surrounding Rudolph Giuliani’s shag fund received almost no attention until Colmes brought it up at the end of the discussion, after the music had already started.

Morris claimed that the Giuliani matter was not about his mistress but about the police detail that protects him.

“He’s no Bill Clinton,” Hannity added.

Nobody mentioned that it’s also about the coverup. For example the conservative NewsMax reported yesterday that NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (father of FOX News’ Greg Kelly) called into question Giuliani’s explanation for the suspect billing for the security details while he was conducting his extramarital affair.

Also not discussed, the new revelations that eight men have come forward to claim sexual encounters with or advances from Senator Larry Craig.