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Bill O'Reilly Works Feverishly To Keep Iranian Threat Alive

Reported by Deborah - December 4, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly used all his diversionary techniques tonight to keep his viewers from focusing on the ramifications of the recent, NIE, intelligence report claiming that Iran had stopped it's nuclear program in 2003. When in doubt, BOR attacks so tonight he went after Joe Biden, the media, the far left and even Jane Fonda. After his raving talking points, John Bolton appeared to discredit the intelligence report and assure viewers that the Iranian nuclear threat was still very real. with video

He started things off with a clip of Bush saying that Iran is still a danger despite the report and immediately shifted to the media saying the " press has gone wild". Acknowledging that the report takes away some of the urgency. he claimed "anti-American" factions are using it because they despise their country.

That's when he inserted a clip of Jane Fonda . Anyone who watches FOX remembers this clip of Fonda trying to get away from BOR's aggressive producer at a peace rally a few years back. Then he made some nasty comments about Fonda's behavior forty years ago and made a quick jump to Joe Biden attacking him for stating his opinions today which is still his right, for now anyway. O'Reilly claimed he invited Biden on to give his side but we've all heard that line before.

When John Bolton appeared, he questioned the NIE complaining that the 140 pages of data should have been released so people could make up their own minds but of course it was highly classified. He went on to suggest that there was conflict within the group assessing the intelligence.

O'Reilly opined, " If I were the Mullahs, I'd reconstitute today." He then made a comment about popping champagne corks in Iran after the NIE report. After more chatter with Bolton, BOR concluded, " Iran remains a danger."

comment: Last night O'Reilly complained to Rev Al Sharpton that he was treated badly by the press after his infamous comments about Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem concluding that there is no free speech anymore. Then like a million times before, he denounces Joe Biden for speaking his mind. Although nothing new, it is still anti-American behavior.