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Who's The Victim In Hillary's Break In? Why, On Fox It's Hilary Of Course

Reported by Donna - December 3, 2007 -

E.D. Hill has her new show on Fox from 2 to 3 p.m. est, Monday through Friday. Today was the story about the man, Lee IEisenberger, who broke intp Hillary's New Hampshire's campaign ofice and said he had a bomb attached to him.

Did Fox talk about how frightning an experience this was to Hillary Clinton or her volutneer campaign workers? No, they talked about the poor alleged bomber.

Fox said how Steinberg had mental problems, was an alcoholic and drug user, had been married several times, and his present ex wife said he had just been on a three week drinking bing. Hill kept saying this poor, poor man.

Hill went on to say that he said he couldn't afford healthcare (Comment: but how did he get the moey for a drinking binge lasting 3 weeks?, and why would someone want to bomg Hillary's ofice, she has a healthcare plan?) , so he told his family that somthing big was going to happen on Friday. Hill said apparently "something Hillary said put him over the edge."

At the top of the hour Hill said that you feel sorry for him, an alcoholic with drung problems snd not being able to afford healthcare and his step children said he was a nice guy when he wasn't drinking.

Comments: Can you imagine if this had happened at Rudy Giuliani's campaign headquarters? We sure wouldn't hear about having a pity party for someone who threatened a building and presidential candidate with a bomb. Fox is so hypocritic.

Where was the Democratic strategist to make it fair and balanced? Where was anyone from Clinton's camp to talk about it?

No, we get E.D. Hill and her 'feeling sorry for the would be bomber, who may have tried to take out her campaign workers and possiblly Hillaryr if she had been there.

Fox - the Hillary bashing channel.