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Surprise - Fox Says Sen Larry Craig (R-ID) May Have Had Sex With 8 Men & Connection To Rev Haggard

Reported by Donna - December 3, 2007 -

During the America's Pulse show which airs from 2 - 3 p.m. est they had a break for the news. Appparently an Idaho newpaper, the Idaho Statesman, is reporting that Republican Senator Craig had sex with or propositioned at least eight men.

The Senator was arrested in a Minnesota airport restroom in a sex sting. One of the eight men arrested was a Mike Jones, a former escort whose claims disgraced (Fox's word, not mine) the Reverand Ted Haggard. They had a clip of Mike Jones who said he wasn't going to say anything because he heard Craig was going to resign, but now he heard he was putting off the resignation.

Senator Craig ,of course, said the allegations where completely false and a spokesman said that Jones was just trying to get promotion for a new book of his. Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, but he's trying to have that overturned.

Comment: Fox mentioned Larry Craig and even acknowledged that there were eight men who either had sex with Craig or where propositioned by him.

Comment: Fox tries to bring it out in the open but then says all he was guilty of was 'disorderly conduct.'

Why when it comes to reporting homosexuality, does the Republican party call it a disgrace? And why do they always 'catch' them, the family values group, who value themselves as doing something that they find abhorrent?

I don't know - we report - you decide.