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Studio B Is Now Showng Democratic & Republican Campaign Poll Numbers But Watch The Subtle Way The Coverage Went

Reported by Donna - December 3, 2007 -

After weeks of complaing that Fox only uses the Democratic poll numbers bon Studio B with Shepard Smith they started showing them today. Could it be Huckabees big jum in Iowa? There wasn't exactly a fair and balanced way of doing it, though.

They showed Huckabeeb at 29%, Romney at 24%, Rudy Fiulani at 13% and Fred Thompson at 9% in the Iowa Caucus Poll. Thiis s for the period of Nov 25 - 28.

Smith went to New Hampshire to talk to Campaign Carl Cameron about what was going on there. He said this was a big deal for Huckabee being in a virtual tie for leading (when adding in the plus and minus of the poll). Cameron said he did it on a shoe string budget of $300,000 in ads, Romeny had big leads in Iowa and New Hampshire and to countered that Romeny was going to give a huge speech on religion. Cameron said there would be similarities in his speech and the one JFK gave in 1960.

The banner said 'G.O.P. Candidates Making Big Push Before Early Primaries'

Smith said that Hillary was 'struggling' in Iowa. Obama had 28%, Hillary had 25%, Edwards had 23% and Richardson had 9%. This poll had the same margin of error +/- OF 4.4%,as the Republicans, which made hers and Obama a statistical tie.

Smith spoke with Major Garrett. The banner read 'Barack Obama Leads Hillary Clinton In New Iowa Poll'

Smith asked Garrett how Clinton was going after Obama. Garrett said on several fronts, that yesterday Clinton said Obama had an account set up that wasn't a presidential account that might bring his character into question. Garrett said that Hillary said Obama laciks courage, that on several votes in the Senate, he had skipped.

Smith asked about the personal attacks. Garrett said that these new steps that Hillary is taken would be personal evaluation, or that's how Hillary would say it (He made quotation marks with his fingers), were a sense of mind that Hillary might be concerned in Iowa. Garret said that the trend was going towards Obama and Hillary wants to change that these last few weks. Garrett said Obama was sticking with his plan and not attacking Hillary and Edwards on a personal level. Major Garrett said she was a desperate, attacking Democrat, something Hillary said she would never be in this race.

Comments: Notice the tone when comparing the Republican's coverage to the Democrat's coverage. La-di-da, the Republicans are coming on strong in the final weeks and Huckabee is coming on.

When it came to the Democrats it was how was Clinton "going to attack Obama?" Garrett said she was a ldesperate, attacking Democrat. No name calling on the Republicans, though.

I think the Republicans at Fox have made up their minds about who will run for the Republicans, but they can't stop themselves from driving a wedge between the two top Democratic candidates.