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Outrageous Quote of the Week 12/1/07

Reported by Chrish - December 3, 2007 -

John Gibson won last week for proclaiming "So I still want someone to get that medal. I just can't figure out which person deserves it most: Rove, Cheney, Armitage, Libby or Bush himself," regarding the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame's name, destroying an intelligence network working on WMD in Iraq and Iran. At least Gibby is acknowledging that all of the above share responsiblitity for this unprecedented act of political treason.

This week's group of gaggers appears after the jump.

Option A: "The average age of the New Hampshire voter is deceased. I mean, it is really old." Frank Luntz, Republican pollster, Special Report, 11/28/07

Option B: "Last weekend it did $25,000 at the box office. That number is effectively zero in the movie business.... I haven't seen it, so how do I know it's terrible? Because nobody has seen it, nobody wants to go, nobody will spend their money to see it, and because even the lefties who love the propaganda part admit it is horrible as a movie." John Gibson on Redacted which was primarily released on HDTV and on-line, Big Story, 11/27/07

Option C: "So here's the truth. " ... "In '94, the federal government detained very few illegal aliens. So what was Giuliani supposed to do? It is true that since many New Yorkers are either immigrants or the children of immigrants, tracking down illegals has never been a smart political move here. But again, in a city of eight million people, the cops have other things to do. Not an excuse, a reality. So I think it's fair to cut Giuliani some slack." Bill O'Reilly covering FOX candidate's butt, O'Reilly Factor, 11/29/07

Option D: If Hillary Clinton changes her schedule over the next few days in light of the hostage situation at her New Hampshire office, she will be seen as being "weak in the face of terrorism." Dick Morris, Your World w/Neil Cavuto 11/30/07

Option E: "Fred (Thompson), however, has solid conservative support, and they are not the nut jobs of the far extremes of the party — not the types who live out where the buses don't run. " John Gibson insinuating Republican extremists are not suit-wearing well-connected insiders, Big Story, 11/26/07

Option F: "Even Mexico loans money to the United States. You ever think how many fewer illegal immigrants we might have if the Mexicans had saved their money and created jobs there instead of loaning it to us to pay for my tax cuts?" Bill Clinton, videotape excerpt.

(Democratic strategist) "Tanya Acher says President Clinton is absolutely right. Tanya, I have never heard anything so asinine in my life. How can that be right?" Neil Cavuto, Your World, 11/29/07