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Hannity “Red Baits” Hillary Clinton

Reported by Chrish - December 3, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Red baiting” is described as the “act of accusing someone, or some group, of being communist, socialist or, in a broader sense, of being significantly more leftist at their core than they may appear at the outset. The term is used mainly with the intention of discrediting the individual's or organization's political views as dishonest and/or haphazard.” Red baiting was a popular practice during the anti communist hysteria of the 1950’s and is being resurrected by Sean Hannity, who during the December 2nd edition of “Hannity’s America,” used the fear of communism card to engage in more smear and innuendo about Hillary Clinton in chapter 12 of his blatant attempt to descredit the Senator on a weekly basis. (Comment: none of the so called “liberal media” outlets have similar weekly, structured Republican bashing segments).

This “chapter” was also an opportunity for NY Sun reporter, Josh Gerstein, to discuss parts of an article which he wrote about Hillary Clinton, entitled Hillary Clinton’s Radical Summer which Hannity changed into “Hillary’s Lost Summer” which he described as “a look at Hillary Clinton’s affiliation with a group of radicals three decades ago.” (Comment: just for fun, I’m going to highlight what appear to be the propaganda messages.) So, now that the stage had been set for a look at Clinton’s association with scary 70’s radicals, Hannity informed us that during the summer of 1971, she clerked for the law firm of Truehaft, Walker, and Bernstein, while living near the University of California Berkley. (Comment: for the right wing, Berkley was and is a scary hotbed of sedition). Hannity described the firm as being involved in constitutional rights, civil liberties, and radical causes. (Comment: in Hannity’s America, these are scary, bad things.) Gerstein said that this was a “most left wing law firm” with one member who had left the communist party and one member who still was a member at that time. (Comment: scary) Hannity said that they represented “draft evaders, self avowed communists, and Black Panthers” along with “ultra left wing Angela Davis.” Hannity quote Robert Truehaft’s coment that Hillary was “in sympathy with left wing causes” and then questioned if this was “sympathy with left wing causes or sympathy with communists.” But after implying that Clinton might be a communist, Hannity added that her duties were relegated to drafting motions and reading transcripts.

So now Hannity made his patented jump from one specific to a more hazy bigger picture. In a perfunctory jab at academia, Hannity said that in the summer of 1970, while Black Panther Bobby Seale was on trial for the murder of another Panther, “many radicals (photo of long haired Yale students shown at rally) believed he wouldn’t get a fair trial and as “students prepared for a mass rally, it is said, that Hillary Clinton was involved.” While admitting that “the timing of the next part is unclear, at some point,” Bob Truehaft came to New Haven and threw a party for the Panther’s defense which was attended by Hillary Clinton.

Hannity then claimed that “there were many other things that a future president wouldn’t want to be associated with,” and a photo of Bill was shown. He added that Clinton dealt with “draft dissenters and other issues dealing with Vietnam” such as the case of “Angela Davis who was charged with a murder that left a judge dead” (Comment: there is no connection between Clinton and Davis. Robert Truehaft was the lawyer who was involved.) Hannity then claimed that 8 years later, Truehaft’s attorney wife, Jessica Mitford, “used her connection to Clinton” to either drop the extradition or obtain a pardon” for her client, a convicted murderer who had escaped Arkansas prison and was then in California.” What Hannity didn’t add was that, according to an article by Gerstein, Mitford was rebuffed and eventually James Dean Walker’s conviction was overturned. Hannity stated that for Hillary, “this was just part of her questionable past” and that “if she had nothing to hide why did she bury it” and hoped that questions would be asked about Clinton’s connection to a “communist law firm.”

Comment: Once again, despite Fox’s empty slogan of “fair and balanced,” we were treated to 10 full minutes of Clinton innuendo about her “dubious” past with no counterpoint. Certainly, Hannity’s friend (for whom he campaigns) Rudy Giuliani has connections that could be construed as damaging (accused pedophile priest, Alan Placa and indicted former police commisioner Bernard Kerik. Anti Chavez Hannity never mentions the connection between Giuliani’s lobbying firm and CITGO) And in any discussion of former avowed communists, the name David Horowitz could come up; but you won’t hear Hannity mention that. Hannity’s intention is to smear Hillary Clinton. Why doesn’t he just come out and say it!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla