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Gingrich smears CLinton (Bill) on C-Span, FOX amplifies it and extends it to Hillary

Reported by Chrish - December 3, 2007 -

Ah yes, good Monday morning, 12/3/07. FOX and Friends started the day with the "talking point" (per Doocy) that Bill Clinton was called a liar by Newt Gingrich over the weekend, and the Friends graciously extend the slander to presidential candidate Hillary. Oh, Democratic candidate, did I forget to mention?

This is one of the more transparent efforts by the propaganda network to defame the Democratic frontrunner. It was otherwise a pointless segment, one soundbite from thousands generated on the Sunday circuit that was not newsworthy. They tried to sell it as a "when Newt speaks, people listen" but that's only because when Newt speaks, FOX repeats it to the hungry Hillary haters.

Steve Doocy read (and graphic appeared) that said

"Bill is fundamentally dishonest on a routine, regular basis... It's just his personality. He tells you the version he needs to be who he is to get through this week. And he just did it in Iowa over whether he used to be against the war in Iraq."

Carlson commented and read further (no graphic)

"He's a wonderful storyteller, he's a very charming man, but he has the greatest ability to rewrite his own life of anybody I've ever seen."
She continued, in her own words,
"and that's not the first time that somebody has come out and said, about both of the Clintons, that they have that way with words."

Smears, slander, defamation, character assassination. It's what FOX does best.

For what it's worth, one could reasonably infer that Gingrich's comment was a plant, just for such amplification, a dirty trick of Nixonian devilishness.