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Bill O'Reilly Interviews General Keith Kerr

Reported by Deborah - December 3, 2007 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly interviewed General Keith Kerr who became instantly famous after acknowledging that he is gay before asking about the "don't ask/don't tell" policy in the military at the recent CNN Republican debate. The accusations that he was planted by the opposition have receded in the media and CNN has taken the heat. However, BOR opened the interview with a chyron in plain view asking, " Democratic Plant?" even though he never mentioned it in his questions.

O'Reilly was very interested in CNN's methods of screening before accepting Kerr's youtube question. Kerr offered regrets that he didn't reveal his Democratic campaign activities to CNN but BOR was more than happy to let CNN take all the heat.

Then BOR made a clumsy attempt to make Kerr look guilty of some sort of premeditated partisan shenanigans. He asked Kerr why he didn't ask his Senator Clinton his question since she's against gay marriage and the policy in question was crafted during Bill Clinton administration.

Kerr calmly told him that all the Democratic candidates said they were in favor of repealing " don't ask/ don't tell" while the Republicans were not. O'Reilly tried to keep pushing the same angle but realized he had nothing to spin after Kerr's clean answer.

Making himself look rather foolish, he came off like he had an inside track to the minds of our troops because of his one day in Afghanistan. He told Kerr that the troops were conservative and traditional so the current way works better for them.

Once again Gen.Kerr had a straight answer. He explained that 70% of young people feel comfortable around gay people now adding " attitudes have changed since 1950". (Kerr obviously didn't realize that Bill O'Reilly's attitude is still firmly planted in the Eisenhower administration.) He pointed out that the current policy degrades the military because they keep losing too many good people. BOR tried to counter Kerr's logic claiming, "Lot's of heterosexuals are drummed out for misconduct."

Trying again to look like a military insider to a Brigadier General, O'Reilly told Kerr that he had to stay in the barracks in Afghanistan and it was"pretty close quarters". He seemed to realize his absurdity and blurted that Kerr would know adding " You've been around."
Was BOR suggesting that the " close quarters" would be a problem if a person was openly gay but okay if he/she were secretly gay?

comment: Keith Kerr is obviously a very tough no nonsense guy and BOR knew that he wouldn't fall for the usual manipulative interview techniques. However, all this controversial crapola is really the ultimate diversion from the real point of Kerr's appearance at the debate which was an answer to his question from the Republican candidates.