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New Time but Old Message from Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - December 2, 2007 -

Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes have been moved to a new time slot , 2 PM instead of 6, but they're still delivering the FOX message with the same partisan zeal. Although Barnes threw a few barbs at Huckabee and Giuliani, the Boys remained focused on ripping up the Clintons, CNN, and Democrats.

Barnes criticized Huckabee for running and ad highlighting his religious faith which Barnes thought unfair since 40% of Iowans are Evangelical Christians. It seems the Boys are Romney supporters.

Kondracke was especially upset that a new poll showed 36% are uncomfortable with a Mormon as President which he called " bigotry". That's pretty strong stuff from Mort. Barnes thought Romney needed a " JFK" moment where he just openly discussed the issue with voters. Although Barnes never expressed any problems with George Bush's pandering to the Evangelicals, he went after Huckabee characterizing his message as, " Vote for me. I'm Christian."

Then it was Clinton time . First Bill Clinton was insulted with the old labels like narcissist and Slick Willy. Then they claimed that Hillary would never be running without Bill and would never have been a Senator either. They wanted to be sure to remind any Hillary supporters watching , ( fat chance), that they would be voting for " Slick Willy". It was the usual stuff but their jeering disdain is always distasteful to watch in grown men.

There was no discussion about the hostage incident in Clinton's office a day earlier. This was an interesting omission but rather transparent..

Of course, the B Boys the CNN debate was totally unfair to Republicans claiming they picked the questions to " embarrass Republicans". Something they manage to do quite well without CNN's help.

They did mention one of the Giuliani scandals with Barnes referring to Judith Nathan, when it happened, as Rudy's "paramour". However, Barnes didn't think it mattered if the security expenses were hidden in different departments. That kind of things only matters when Democrats are involved.

John Murtha, as expected, recieved no praise for announcing that the surge in Iraq is working. In fact, the Boys gave him a down arrow because he changed his mind after visiting Iraq and also because he wasn't positive about the outcome there Fred Barnes proclaimed with great enthusiasm, "We are winning the war in Iraq !!"