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Carl Cameron Suggests Hillary Clinton Will Use Hostage Ordeal For Political Gain

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2007 -

Maybe it’s just me but it struck me as craven, to use the words of “Campaign” Carl Cameron, for FOX News to be speculating how the hostage crisis earlier today at Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Rochester, NH might be used to benefit her politically. As Cameron gave his report on the incident on tonight's (11/30/07) Hannity & Colmes, he suddenly began conjecturing about the good publicity she’ll receive, almost as though he were prepping the viewers to be skeptical about it. He went on to say, “She has to be exceedingly careful not to look as though she’s milking it.” The implication was quite clear that that’s exactly what she’d be doing. With video.

After a rundown of the incidents in New Hampshire, Cameron turned to the effects on Clinton’s campaign:

“In the next couple of days, the campaign in New Hampshire has, effectively, been stalled. The politics will be frozen in the aftermath of this event. Hillary Clinton will get a lot of attention as she spends time consoling and visiting with the families of the people affected with this, thanking law enforcement, dealing with the people in Rochester, letting them know that she’s proud of the way that this was handled and expressing her regrets. It will give her a little bit of attention and there is a political benefit in that. She has to be exceedingly careful not to look as though she’s milking it. If she steps over the line and appears to be exploiting what is obviously a crisis situation, thankfully averted, that could actually rebound against her in a negative way. But in a purely craven political sense, there’s an opportunity here for her to dominate the headlines for the next couple of days because this will be the news story in NH and in New England. The press that descended on this event was colossal because they were all here for the presidential campaign and it immediately went virtually international as this unfolded. Hillary Clinton has 15 other campaign offices around NH. They’ve all been shut down.”

Comment: And they refer to CNN as the Clinton News Network? Every night on Hannity & Colmes, Clinton is the main focus. I could find no such discussion indicating any benefits to Clinton on CNN.