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Nuclear expert's voice of sanity gets cut off on FOX

Reported by Chrish - November 30, 2007 -

On America's Newsroom this morning 11/30/07 Megan Kelly and Bill Hemmer interrupted nuclear expert Michael Levi (Council on Foreign Relations, who was explaining that making a bomb is a lot more complicated than most people think, with a "FOX News Alert." The "alert" was an update on a local story they were covering that had all the tabloid ingredients that make for the type of infotainment FOX puts out to keep their audience ratings up: danger, suspense, comaradie, urgency, relief (or disappointment) - a very emotional but unimportant story. With video (of course).

This served several purposes: it stopped viewers from getting any relief from the constant fear promulgated by FOX that we are constantly, daily, under personal threat from crazed "Islamofascists." Note that they had a graphic simulation of a nuclear/dirty bomb going off in (what appears to be) NYC (but could be any city - YOURS!) at the ready for the segment. But once the talk became even a little bit reassuring - building nuclear bombs is not something your neighbor is doing in their apartment - viewers were abruptly brought back to the collapsed trench where FDNY was working to rescue a trapped construction worker.

The anchors didn't know who he was, what his injuries were, what had happened beyond the obvious, yet viewers were subjected to more than three minutes of video of the rescue with breathy play-by-play and emotionalism. As Hemmer noted, it could happen anywhere (to make the connection 'it could happen to you' to justify blowing this local story into a national news diversion) as construction workers go about building homes (to reassure viewers that the new housing slump is not so bad).

After the rescue (whew! Giddy relief for the unknown worker) the anchors went to a completely different story (fluff) so as not to allow that expert to give viewers any more sane perspective on the threat.

Propaganda extraordinaire.