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No Mention Of Giuliani/Al Qaeda Connection On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - November 30, 2007 -

Yesterday, I reported that Hannity & Colmes, while fanatically covering every hiccup in the Hillary Clinton campaign, avoided discussing the salacious news that New York City taxpayers were billed for the security costs of Rudy Giuliani’s personal trips to the Hamptons while he was conducting his (latest, that we know of) extra-marital affair there. Later, thanks to our own Chrish, I discovered that there’s another, much more potentially damaging scandal brewing, one that could bring down the Giuliani candidacy if it got widespread attention: his business dealings with a known Al Qaeda associate. Not surprisingly, there has been silence on the “fair and balanced” network’s prime time debate show.

In a report dated November 8, 2007, Radar Online wrote that Giuliani’s consulting firm (which still pays him) gave “security advice” in 2005 to Qatar regarding their petroleum facilities.

"(Qatar’s internal security minister) Abdullah bin Khalid Al-Thani has long had ties to top Al Qaeda operatives including Osama Bin Laden, and is believed by many U.S. officials to have personally arranged the narrow escape of Al Qaeda big-wig Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from U.S. agents in 1996, thereby ensuring his freedom to mastermind the 9/11 attacks."

Radar Online writer Nick Curran further noted that Giuliani rejected $10 million in disaster assistance from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in 2001 because the prince had asserted that U.S. policies were partly to blame for the 9/11 attacks. Curran concluded, “Take-home message: Suggesting generally that American policies may have contributed to the 9/11 attacks is a far worse crime in Hizzoner's eyes than actually having played a role in the attack itself.” Or maybe Giuliani only stands on principle with other people’s income.

In any event, you just know that this would be delved into with relish and ad infinitum on Hannity & Colmes if such a connection had been unearthed with regard to the Clintons. But once again, Sean Hannity demonstrates that under that bullyboy façade is the lily liver of a chicken too cowardly to discuss bad news for his favored candidate.

Bok, bok, bok!

By the way, a search of FOXNews.com suggests that the entire "we report, you decide" network has kept this potentially explosive information under wraps.

You can write Hannity and FOX News and ask them why they haven’t discussed this important story at hannity@foxnews.com or comments@foxnews.com. You can also contact Alan Colmes at Colmes@foxnews.com.