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FOX Friends smearing CNN, Clinton, with no evidence

Reported by Chrish - November 30, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, persona non grata on the O'Reilly Factor, appeared on FOX and Friends instead today 11/30/07 to reinforce the message dripped all morning by the couch brigade and earlier guest Dick Morris, that CNN allowed plants, allegedly by Hillary Clinton's campaign, to question the Republican candidates at Wednesday night's debate. The question of the day framed it like this: "CNN 'Plant-gate': Conspiracy or Incompetence?" Apparently still stinging from Democrats refusals to appear at a FOX News-sponsored debate, they're now suggesting that CNN should not host any more debates - phrased in the Cavutoesque banner "Debate Debacles - Should CNN host more debates?"

There were numerous segments during the two hour program with outrage and indignation ruling the theater. Hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy speculated that if FOX had done such a thing, planting questioners at a debate (which has not been proven and of which the Clinton camp denies any knowledge), it would be a huge huge mainstream media story, "on the front page of the New York Times every day for a month."

Substituting for absent Brian Kilmeade (who yesterday called BillO "gutless") was Greg Kelly, who tempered the rhetoric by saying there was no evidence that Clinton's campaign knew beforehand or that CNN "planted" the questioners, but the two regulars jumped all over that simple fact, and Doocy made a great show of rifling through the paper looking for the CNN story. He whined, wondering why when FOX does something it's fodder for the MSM but when CNN does it (does what?), nothing.

During the segment with Dick Morris the banners read "Debate Debacle - Clinton backer participates" and "Clinton's Tactics - Is campaign playing dirty?" Morris said that not only are all the reporters at CNN Democrats, all the questioners at the Republican debates are Democrats! When Doocy asked him how the candidates did, Morris didn't want to change the subject just yet and flatly stated that this was dirty trick by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and they had to know about it. While he's on the subject of dirty tricks (a phrase repeated three times in thirty seconds) he said "I bet that this knock on Giuliani about the police detail also comes from Hillary's negative research machine."

He allowed that it was a FOIA request from Politico.com that initially unearthed the scandal, but immediately charged that that's a site filled with liberal Democrats, and it undoubtedly (in his (paranoid) view at least) was a set-up by Hillary. Only on FOX does a delusional, affirmed Clinton-hating disgruntled former employee get the time and respect Dick Morris commands.

The Malkin segment alleged that some Googling research disclosed that some of the questions asked at the Republican debate were posed by (gasp) Democrats. Apparently at FOX and other far-right outlets the Republican candidate should follow in Bush's footsteps and only govern for the right-wing that supports him. That said, it's hard to reconcile the complaints that the debate focused too much on God, guns, abortion...you know, the issues the right votes on. Why talk about healthcare and education if all your base wants to know is if you're sufficiently anti-choice and pro-gun? The right has made a caricature of the Republican party and now they have to sleep with her. (You know what I mean.)

We watch FOX so you don't have to, but I draw the line anymore at MM - you'll have to watch her yourself: