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Dick Morris Pulls Through for Fox & Links New Hampshire Hostage Situation to Clinton Being Soft on Terrorism

Reported by Melanie - November 30, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto essentially devoted his "business news" show today (November 30, 2007) to coverage of the hostage situation at Hillary Clinton's Rochester, NH campaign office. He didn't tell his audience where the Dow closed but he did slide in two other "news" stories -- the death of Evil Knievel and the goings on in the Natalie Holloway case. Despite the nearly wall-to-wall hostage coverage and interviews with three or four Rochester locals, Cavuto just couldn't dig up any dirt on Hillary.

The hostage taker has apparently been angry at politicians of all stripes for some time so Cavuto just couldn't get no satisfaction. But thanks to a quick thinking booker, Dick Morris appeared in the final two minutes, by phone, to give his "take" on the situation. Being the reliable hack that he is, he gave Cavuto the dirt he couldn't squeeze out of his previous guests.

With literally seconds to go in the show, Cavuto asked Morris if he thought Clinton would alter her schedule over the next few days. Morris said if she does, she will be seen as being "weak in the face of terrorism." Seconds later Morris told a story about how he and Bill Cinton took a walk on the White House grounds one evening during Clinton's presidency. He said it was "like a walk in the park" -- the Clintons were, "almost incredibly unconcerned about security issues."

Comment: If there had been time, undoubtedly we would have heard more but surely what Morris said was enough to secure Cavuto's job for another day. I mean, since when does Fox let 60 whole minutes pass without finding a way to bash a Democrat?