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New bin Laden Tape Inconveniently Released on a Day the Dow Doesn't "Tank"

Reported by Melanie - November 29, 2007 -

On Monday, the Dow was down 248.91 points on news that Citigroup's "credit crisis" problems were so severe it accepted a bailout -- from Abu Dhabi no less. Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" guy, apparently didn't think that would go over too well with his audience so he breathlessly opened his show that day with a FOX NEWS ALERT and a report about stocks selling off "amid word" that Osama bin Laden was going to release a new tape, and on concerns over Dick Cheney's irregular heartbeat. Meanwhile the chyron read: "Stocks Sell Off Amid Word of New UBL Tape, Cheney News."

Cavuto explained that "few people saw this coming," but "Wall Street tanks as UBL [sic] prepares to speak. The so called media wing of al-Qaeda saying moments ago that Usama bin Laden [the way Fox spells it] will release a message. We do not know if it will be a video/audio tape... Word of the pending statement rattling stocks, already whipsawed by big selling in big banks... Then we had the news that Vice President Dick Cheney has an irregular heartbeat" which was "pretty much all traders needed" to hear to "simply sell first and ask questions later."

Well, that Osama bin Laden tape was released today (November 29, 2007). Surely the Dow "tanked" again, right? I mean, the guy flat out admitted that he's responsible for 9/11 and just think, he's still out there!!! Shouldn't we be s-c-a-r-e-d? Nope. Not today. The Dow was up 22.28 points. So what did Cavuto say? Not one word about the tape, bin Laden, or the Dow, for that matter.

Osama really needs to learn to time these things a little better, don't ya think? Then again, maybe Cavuto's saving this for a rainy day which, given how things are going on Wall Street, could come as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.