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Kilmeade calls O'Reilly "gutless" for dissing Doocy on tape

Reported by Chrish - November 29, 2007 -

On FOX and Friends this morning the crew showed a video clip, filmed last night, of Bill O'Reilly telling viewers what to expect on his show tonight (as they do every morning). This time O'Reilly took a kidding swipe at Friend Steve Doocy and the trio reacted, Brian Kilmeade with a very unexpected inadvertant truth about the cowardly commentator. Gretchen Carlson ignored the comment and quickly changed the subject.
With video.

Referring to his upcoming "most bizarre" interviews (would that be ones where he shouts down his guests, or where he simply cuts their mics?) he snarked that they would not include segments with Steve Doocy. Sound effects indicated Doocy'd been punched, and Gretchen Carlson assured him that meant O'Reilly likes him - flashback to grade school, anyone? Then Brian Kilmeade said, without his grin but surely (?) in the joking spirit, that it was "a little gutless, because he does it on tape when you can't even respond."

Bingo! Score one for the brown-haired guy. O'Reilly frequently addresses absent targets in his Talking Points Memo, sternly telling them off or warning them or "arguing" with them, when they are not present to respond. This post-interview one-sided "analysis" and rebuttal is one of the reasons that Democrats were cautioned not to appear at a FOX-sponsored debate.