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Hannity & Colmes Ignores Inquiry Into Giuliani Expenses, Spends Half Hour On Clinton Iraq “Flip Flops”

Reported by Ellen - November 29, 2007 -

Politico had a big story yesterday in which they uncovered evidence that while Rudy Giuliani was mayor, NYC taxpayers were billed for personal trips to the Hamptons which just happened to be where his then-mistress lived. The costs of his security details were billed to obscure city agencies such as the board regulating loft apartments which almost certainly had nothing to do with his trip. (H/T Think Progress) Big news? Not on Hannity & Colmes. The entire first half of its show last night (11/28/07) was spent on the supposed gotcha that Bill Clinton flip-flopped over the war in Iraq. A search of “Giuliani” on FOXNews.com suggests that the entire network avoided the potentially explosive issue. With video.

Democrat Lanny Davis did a passable job of defending the Clintons but he was so busy making nice with the conservatives he never found time to bring up flip flops of Republican candidates, never brought up the far more serious flip flops of the Bush administration on Iraq (we went to war because Saddam had WMD’s, Iraq’s oil would pay for the war, the war would probably be over in less than six months, etc.) and he never questioned why FOX was spending so much time discussing what was, essentially, old news about the Clintons and ignoring the very current inquiry into Giuliani.

Below is the second part of the debate. Predictably, FOXNews.com has video of both parts.

Want to ask the "we report, you decide" network why their prime time debate show didn't have time for the Giuliani scandal? You can reach them at comments@foxnews.com.