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FOX and Friends confusing reporting on North Carolina community colleges' policy

Reported by Chrish - November 29, 2007 -

On FOX and Friends this morning the trio discussed a news item from North Carolina. Administration lawyer David Sullivan has ordered that all 58 of the state's community colleges must admit students who are undocumented individuals, charging them "out of state" tuition.

This was of course a springboard to repeat illegal immigration points, but Steve Doocy muddied the subject when he said that those students would be given scholarships (presuming they are poor?). He went on to say that he understands that "many of 'them' were born and raised in the United States, but it's their parents who have put them in this situation. At some point you just have to sign the guest book and officially register, go through the policy, get into the country legally..."

News flash, newsman: if they're born here they're citizens.

He decried that they are learning the lesson that some laws can be broken, and that will not serve them well as they go into the workforce. Kilmeade bemoaned the statewide uniformity, saying they used to have a choice but now they don't.

It's interesting how this manages to fall into the lap of the Democratic Governor for a letter written by a deputy ten years ago.

Some reports attribute the 1997 memo to Democrat Mike Easley, then AG and now Governor of North Carolina, while others are saying the memo was written by a Deputy, and Easley has said the 1997 letter has been misconstrued by the community college administrators. He declined to say whether he agrees with the new policy and said it should be taken up with the current Attorney General.