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Cavuto Twists Bill Clinton's Words and Tries to Create a New Clinton Scandal

Reported by Melanie - November 29, 2007 -

Fox is trying so hard to ignite new Clinton scandals that it's starting to lose its collective mind. Two minutes into its "premiere business news" show yesterday (November 28, 2007) Neil Cavuto tried to launch a new one:

And now, to the campaign trail and the other shocker from Bill Clinton. Not the Iraq comment and how he was always against the war, but tax cuts, and how he said they created this illegal immigration mess. I kid you not. Take a listen.

To undated video of Bill Clinton:

Even Mexico loans money to the United States. You ever think how many fewer illegal immigrants we might have if the Mexicans had saved their money and created jobs there instead of loaning it to us to pay for my tax cuts?

Bear in mind that this aired immediately after Abu Dhabi bailed Citigoup out to the tune of $7.5 billion.

Back to Cavuto:

Tanya Acher [a Democratic strategist] says President Clinton is absolutely right. Tanya, I have never heard anything so asinine in my life. How can that be right?

With that, Cavuto launched into a five minute segment during which he wouldn't let Acher finish a thought. Acher tried to argue, essentially, that Mexico is loaning us money to finance our debt instead of investing in its own people, so they're coming here instead, which, in my opinion, was Clinton's point. Cavuto, on the other hand, stuck to one line -- which was his point, not Clinton's -- "What do tax cuts have to do with that?"

Here's the first part:

After yelling, interrupting and pointing his finger for three and a half minutes, Cavuto ended with, "Tanya, you gotta stop. You're nonsense. You're nonsense and you're done. Tanya Acher, thank you very much. Oy ve!"

Comment: This is Fox at its "fair and balanced" best. Air a 45-word clip of a Bill Clinton stump speech. Invite a Democratic strategist on to talk about what he said. Pin the strategist against the wall by inferring that Clinton said something he didn't say. Cut the (oops) articulate and confident strategist off when she tries to bring the discussion back to reality. When the strategist won't back down, insult her and her intelligence and finally, cut her off. But, in the end -- hopefully -- a new Clinton scandal is born.