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Bill O'Reilly says " Some kids need a swat on the fanny."

Reported by Deborah - November 29, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly believes parents should have the right to hit their kids and objects to a bill introduced in Massachusetts that makes hitting a child unlawful claiming it's all a secular progressive plot to take authority away from parents. Dr. Theresa Whitehurst, author of How Would Jesus Raise Your Child did an excellent job defending the bill despite BOR's incidence that fanny swats are an effective parenting tool.

Dr. Whitehurst explained that this proposed bill introduces a " standard of non-violence" but O'Reilly was not convinced bringing in the " 1984" reference and even calling it unconstitutional.
He used his wise, big daddy approach with Whitehurst saying, " Every kid is different. Some kids need a swat on the fanny."

Whitehurst explained to O'Reilly that with the current laws as long as there are no marks left on the child, parents can hit their kids noting that many kids are traumatized by parental spanking.
She assured him that there was no plan to enforce the law inside private homes.However O'Reilly continued to paint a picture of parents being arrested for a lightly slapping a naughty tot like Beaver and Wally's Dad might have done if the Beav ran into the street.

On Tuesday 11/27, BOR discussed the bill with Megyn Kelly who was against it and was sure it would never pass. When she learned that Germany had passed a similar bill, she expressed such surprise that Bill had to chide her for being anti-German. With Whitehurst not on the scene, he claimed the bill was a secular progressive plan to take away parental authority. He didn't repeat the line last night.

comment: Any teacher working with young children can immediately identify the kids experiencing fanny whack parenting. When these kids are irritated by classmates or teachers, they slap them. It's very hard to reverse the behavior unless the parents stop spanking them at home. When the cause and effect behavior is so crystal clear, it's hard to condone any sort of corporal punishment.