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No Child Left Behind -- Another Bush Failure Fox Won't Tell its Audience About

Reported by Melanie - November 28, 2007 -

Earlier today (November 28, 2007), worldwide literacy test results were released by the organization, Progress in International Reading Literacy. The results showed that despite Bush's "No Child Left Behind" initiative, "U.S. fourth-graders have lost ground in reading ability compared with kids around the world. ... U.S. students posted a lower average score than students in Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy and Sweden, along with the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario." In 2001, the last time the test was administered, only Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore were ahead of the United States.

Yes, "the U.S. average score" on the test "remained above the international average," but we dropped from fourth place to ninth or eleventh, depending on whether you count the three Canadian provinces as separate scores. This is not good, especially given that Bush & Co. said No Child Left Behind would transform our eductional system and pave the way for us to compete in the global economy during the 21st Century.

Heather Nauert "reported" this news today during Your World w/Neil Cavuto:

And, a new report finds that American 4th graders scored about the same on a global reading test as they did in 2001. That's the last time the test was given. U.S. students lost some ground internationally, but still scored above the average of students who took the test across the globe.

Comment: This is Fox Tactic #21. They slither under the wire and "report" news that might make the Bush administration or Republicans look bad -- so no one can say they didn't -- but they dance around and leave the bad stuff out.