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FOX Spins Report on British Leaving Basra. Ignores Crucial Information.

Reported by Marie Therese - November 28, 2007 -

In September the British forces stationed in Basra turned control of the city over to Iraqi forces and redeployed to an airport outside the city limits. Violent attacks decreased 90% and the Iraqi forces in Basra have been successful in dealing with the normal level of internecine flare-ups that have occurred between various Shi'ite factions. (Source: IHT, 11-15-07) In a Special Report segment on the British in Basra tht aired yesterday (11-27-07) - two months after the handover - FOX reporter Kitty Logan and FOX substitute anchor Bret Baier did their best to muddy the waters for the FOX viewers. Logan gave a hat tip to the fact that violence has decreased. However, she did not make the direct correlation between the drop in violence and the British withdrawal. Could it be that FOX News doesn't want its audience to make the logical connection between the experiences of the British and our own troop commitments? With video.

British Maj. Gen. Graham Binns told reporters that "[t]he motivation for attacking us was gone, because we're no longer patrolling the streets."

However, anyone watching the video below would not know that the British believe that the reduction in violence is directly tied to their withdrawal two months ago.

Also, FOX News edited the footage to make it seem as though there was still a high level of violence between the various factions of the Shi'a.

According to the IHT report:

"With an overwhelmingly Shiite population, Basra has not seen the level of sectarian violence that has torn Iraq apart since the Feb. 2006 bombing of a Shiite shrine north of Baghdad.

"But it has seen major fighting between insurgents and coalition troops, as well as between Shiite militias vying for control of the city and its security forces.

"British officials expected a spike in such 'intra-militia violence' after they pulled back from the city's center, and were surprised to find none, Binns said."


The message from the Iraqis to the United States has consistently been "Yankee, go home."

But as we know from yesterday's 32-second report, the Bush administration has no intention of allowing that to happen.

Which means that George Bush has decided that - for the next umpteen years - it's just fine for our soldiers to walk the streets of Iraq as targets of opportunity for any hotheaded sharpshooter who wants to put another notch on the barrel of his AK-47.