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Fox & Friends Says Bill Clinton Caught In Flip Flop

Reported by Donna - November 28, 2007 -

Fox and Friends said that years ago Bill Clinton had supported giving Bush the authorization on Iraq as long as the inspectors stayed and (as Bush begged) as a last resort so that he could keep the peace.

Today they showed a clip of Bill Clinton saying he was never for the war in Iraq.

Fox and Friends said this was an obviously flip flop. Gretchen Carlson even said it in sing-song fashion. (Comment: Oh, how cute)

Most of the Democrats voted to give Bush the authority to go to Iraq as long as the inspectors stayed and Bush pleaded with the Democrats that he wouldn't use it unless it was an absolute last resort. This was the lie.

Comment: The fact is Bush never gave it the chance to get to the last resort. And frankly, as it turns out, he was wrong. There were no weapons of mass destruction like he said, so he couldn't have gone to the last resort. Even Colin Powell was embarrassed when he did that presentation showing where the weapons were. There was no imminent danger to the United States like he said, also. For all the reasons he gave, none of them turned out to be true. So, when someone says they agreed to give him the authority - it was as Bush said - he begged them for the authority in order to keep the peace. He said he needed it to keep the peace.

He had no plans of trying to keep peace, he just lied to the Democrats to get that piece of paper.

As for Bill Clinton, it's expected that Fox will pick on a Democrat, so what's new about that? Now, if a Republican said something that could be taken like a flip-flop, like Bush and his lies about what we'd find in Iraq, they wouldn't say anything about it anyway.