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Even Shepard Smith Questions What Saudis Did, Fox Guest Says We Are Basically Under Saudi Control

Reported by Donna - November 28, 2007 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith he talked about Ahmadinead, the president of Iran, who said the mideast peace talks are failing and Israel is doomed to collapse. He always said he was disappointed that some of the Arab states were participating. Smith spoke with Brigitte Gabriel, from the Americn Congress for Truth, and author of 'Because They Hate."

Gabriel said that the )resident of Iran has unbelievable hate for Israel. She said that the President of Iran said that Israel should be wiped off the earth. She added that this time we should intervene and make sure Iran doesn't go forth with his plans.

Smith asked Gabriel what she meant by intervening. She said we need to ensure that Iran does not complete that bomb and bombing. Israel. She also said our goverment (the U.S.) should be doing all it can, working with other governments in pursuading Iran to stop making the bomb, if the concessions don't work we may have to attack militarily. She added that this would be the only thing that would stop a 21st Century Hitler from starting another holocaust in this day and age.

Smith said that 1500 prisoners were released by Saudi Arabia to placate Iran, that obviously Saudi Arabia fears Iran. He asked her is that was a concern for her and where did she place Saudi Arabia in the fear/foe category?

Gabriel said it was very disappointing that Saudi Arabia let these terrorists go and basically they let them go on the promise that they would not commit jihad on other Muslims.
Shepard Smith said that he did this on a promise. Gabriel repeated that this was only a promise. She added that it should give us a lot of comfort. That we had battled and arressted a lot of Al Qaeda on the battlefield that had been released to once again kill our soldiers.

Gabriel said the Saudis are not to be trusted, that they were working with us was only because Iran was the the only super power left in that part of the world and it is threating the existance of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt who are the Sunni moderates that the President of Iran has his eyes on.

Smith asked why is it we hear so much rabble rousing about the President of Iran and so little from the country where the hijackers (terrorists) originated, the people who just let all of these terrorsts go. Why is it we here so little condemnation of Saudi Arabia, except, of course, the oil?

Gabriel said that this is the question that many Americans here would like to have answered regardless if they are Democrats or Republicans. 95% of Americans are fed up with Saudi Arabia. Many of the people would like to ask that question to Bush. (Comment: Who has Bandar Bush as his surrogate brother? He'll do what he wants)

Gabriel said she believed our dependence on the oil from Saudia Arabia and the dependence of the flow of oil around the world is making us become under the control and at the mercy of Saudi Arabia. We should not give that much control to the Saudis, including all the arab regime and all the gulf states. She believed, however, our government should put some pressure on the Saudis for never doing that again - releasing Al Qaeda soldiers to go back to the battlefield and killing our soldiers. She said that is not the action of an ally, that is the action of any enemy.

Smith said if 17 hijackers had been from Jordan instead of Saudi Arabia wpmder how things would have been then. Gabriel, said, "That's right" and the segment ended.

Comment: Very soon after 9/11 the Democrats were suspicious of 17 of the 19 terrorists coming from Saudi Arabia but Bush played footsie with the Royals and I'd like to congratulate him on how well the mid east peace talks are going. So many years, so many opportunities, all down the drain. The Saudis say promise not to commit jihad on Muslems (notice it didn't say the U.S. or Europe) and we say ok. Sounds like child's play to me, which exactly what it was. No foreign policy experience and no knowledge of the word diplomacy.