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Democratic Presidential Candidates Fighting Again, Republicans, All Is Good

Reported by Donna - November 28, 2007 -

Fox and Friends went over the usual 'Democratic Presidential Candidates' fighting while all is fine on the GOP side.

They talked about the fact that while Hillary was in front on the National polls Barack and Hillary were going at it. They said that Hillary had Barbra Streisand (Comment: They called her Babs) and Barack had Oprah behind them. Alyson Camerota said that Oprah has so much inluence this could help Barack win.

While on the Republican's side all was good and Huckabee was making a great surge. They discussed why they thought his numbers were going up and even had Frank Luntz, Republican Pollster on to show Huckabee talking at the debate, with conservatives in the audience, saying how awful the country would be if Hillary was the president. Luntz said that his recorder went up to 100 and you never see 100 on it. (Comment: Oh yeah? Have liberals in the audience and ask a question about Bush's record as president - you'll see your little recorder go up to 100) Then they had a few people on to talk about how honest and down to earth he was.

Comments: Business as usual on Fox and Friends. Put down the Democrats, build up the Republicans.

And why don't they have a Democrat on to talk about these things? Unfair and Unbalanced, that's why.