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Bill O'Reilly Gets Kudos From His Guys for Saving Christmas and Hurting Mark Cuban

Reported by Deborah - November 28, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's ego is such a hungry beast that even he can't feed it all alone without some help from the guys. Last night, 11/27, Mike Gallagher came on The Factor to congratulate BOR for his role in winning the War on Christmas and also for making Mark Cuban " toxic" in Dallas. Tonight, Dennis Miller assured Bill that he had indeed damaged Cuban's reputation which is a good thing to do in O'Reilly world. So once again the hunger pangs of his inner beast were silenced.

Mike Gallagher came on to celebrate the news that Christmas decorations will now adorn Fort Collins, Colorado because the " folks" spoke up. Gallagher gave a shred of credit to talk radio and himself for winning the battle but gave O'Reilly the greater glory.

Bill tried to be modest although he didn't really deny his part noting that there really aren't any big Christmas battles this year which must mean the great war has been won. Hallalujah! Instead of basking in the victory BOR used the moment to educate viewers about the real enemy reminding them, " The ACLU wants a secular America."

Feeling pumped about his great victory he proclaimed, " Cuban got his butt kicked!" Gallagher got out his pom poms and cheered , " He's become toxic". He continued about how nobody in Dallas likes him using the word 'toxic" again.

Tonight when Miller appeared BOR listed all his recent jobs and then took credit for them. He told Miller, " Your wife loves me" because you're never home. Miller smiled indulgently and proceeded to put down Al Gore, Fred Thompson and Mark Cuban.

He assured Bill that the people in Dallas were really angry with Cuban although Cuban would never know because he's a billionaire. BOR's beast was still a little hungry prompting him to ask Miller anxiously, " Did you see my Afghanistan coverage?"