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What Upset The Fox & Friends This Morning? Why, Saudi Arabia, Bush's Best Friends

Reported by Donna - November 27, 2007 -

The Fox and Friends crew were upset this morning with Bush's best friends, the Saudis, because of the 3,000 Al Qaeda prisoners they have rounded up these past four years, 1500 have been set free.

What did they do to be set free? Why they signed a promise note that they would not be terrorists anymore. Isn't that just nice?

The Democrats have been upset with the Royal family, the house of Saud, ever since they found out that 16 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were found to have come from Saudi Arabia.

Another reason is the former ambassador, affectionately called Bandar Bush by President Bush and the many pictures of the President holding hands with him.

From Democracy Now: American skies were empty, yet at the same time 140 influential Saudis were effectively chaperoned out of the country - allegedly by the U.S. government. Among them, were several dozen members of the bin Laden family. They were never questioned by the FBI.

Also, the close relationship between the Bush family and the Saud family over the years has been documented in House of Bush, House of Saud.

So, why should it be any surprise for the Fox and Friends crew to be upset about this latest action of releasing 1500 Al Qaeda? Haven't they known of the close relationship and that we don't do anything to upset Saudi Arabia?

Comments: It's so typical of Fox to pretend to be aghast at something the Saudis have done when this close relationship between the Bush family and the Royal Family has been known for years. Why didn't Fox and Friends have a discussion, including a Democrat on to discuss this latest news? Because they are not fair and balanced. They didn't even bring up the fact of the special friendship that was shared with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. If the Saudis want to let 1500 Al Qaeda gp. well, the Bush family isn't going to say anything about it.

What a wonderful way to fight the war on terror.