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O'Reilly exploits war footage to mock Mark Cuban

Reported by Chrish - November 27, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly is still going after Mark Cuban over the Brian DePalma film "Redacted," a film which he has vowed not to see and urges his followers to picket. He paints his faux outrage in red, white and blue patriotism and heaps scorn on Cuban, calling him a "pinhead," but of course, being Bill O'Reilly, he's misrepresenting the whole issue; it's just what he does.

O'Reilly's been hiding under his desk since Cuban offered to debate him about the movie, presumably because he's misrepresenting and knows it, and because the proposed venue is Keith Olbermann's Countdown and O'Reilly dasn't dare give KO the exposure and subsequent ratings boost.

Safe in his studio, the big BORe lashed out again at Cuban in his "patriots and pinheads" segment, which apparently does not fall under "Calling People Names." He mocked Cuban, who is one of NINE producers on the movie, for appearing on "Dancing with the Stars," a show which has also been the target of O'Reilly's scorn a'plenty.

O'Reilly doesn't want people to see the movie because it exposes the abyssmal job the "liberal" media has done in covering the Iraq war. It's been whitewashed and hidden, and people really have no idea what's going on. The movie centers on a fictionalized account of a rape and murder by US soldiers, but according to Cuban (who should know; he's SEEN the move):

"...it doesnt represent the norm and the movie doesnt say it represents the norm. ... The movie is fully pro Troops. The hero of the movie is a soldier who stands up for what is right in the face of adversity... I think that the concept that the enemy will see these films and use it as motivation is total nonsense. We have no plans of translating these movies to arabic or other middle eastern languages...It's really easy to hate, its really hard to think issues through on their own merits. Anything that makes people think about issues is a good thing."

O'Reilly's call for action resulted in this behavior:

"The people who take you literally took it upon themselves to call my businesses with bomb threats, threaten employees, myself and others with physical harm and wish every manor(sic) of death , injury and illness on us all. They also managed to fill up the telephone lines of the Fallen Patriot Fund so that we couldn't conduct business, and maybe its coincidence, but the fund's website went offline for the first time ever yesterday."

O'Reilly's task here is to keep people from seeing the movie. It highlights the failure of the corporate mainstream media to provide an honest and in-depth glimpse at the horrors committed overseas in our names. War is hideous but is presented to Americans as noble and good. O'Reilly has been one of the leaders at FOX in excoriating the "liberal media" for showing ANYthing negative about the war, accusing them of Bush-hating and supporting the "terrorists" and basically intimidating (most) reporters into an uneasy silence.

At the FreePress National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis in 2005, Naomi Klein left a lasting impression on me with her cry to the media to "Show us the war!" As we know since then, FOX has been the lagger in war coverage even as they cheerlead for it, and virtually all news media have decreased coverage since the escalation in January - essentially all we're told is that "the surge is working."

In fact. O'Reilly's little nose-thumbing at Mark Cuban (below) is the most war footage we've seen on FOX all year.