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Fox Talks About The Democratic Presidential Candidates Fighting It Out, But Not The Republicans

Reported by Donna - November 27, 2007 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith spoke about experience being important in the Democratic race. They put the national numbers up there - Clinton - 42.7%, Obama 21.8%, Edward 12.2 %.

Which Democrats have experience and which don't. Smith said that Obama had a good chance in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Simith went to Major Garrett who has been following the Democrats and he said Iowa is about change but New Hampshire said that Iowa is about picking corn and New Hampshire is about picking presidents. In New Hampshire they are looking for someone who has experience, who can take over the White House on day 1.

He said clearly that benefits Hillary Clinton and Obama has to let New Hampshire kow that he does have experience. He said Barack said he has the experience to oppose the war in Iraq and Hillary did not and that he had the experience to want to talk with Iran, Hillary didn't.

The banner read 'Dems Fight It Out Over Who Has The Most Experience'

Major Garrett said that Hillary received some backing from black ministers and black legislators in Soutth Carolina and mentioned that she would call on Colin Powell for some foreign policy. Barack Obama had Anthony Link, former national security officer for President Clinton, who says he has the experience.

Then Studio B gave out the numbers for the national poll for the Republicans - Giuliani 27.8%, Thompson 14.5% and Romney 12.8%. Garrett said the other candidates said that Giuliani was getting by with name recognition. Can he win in Iowa? Garrett said no, he's not competing heavily enough in Iowa. Can he win in New Hampshire? He's trying but Romney is leading.

Comment: Notice the wording on the banner for the Democrats.

The banner read 'Dems Fight It Out Over Who Has The Most Experience'

There were no such banner for the Republicans. It was all nice and talk of name recognition. It gave the impression that the Democrats were fighting and the Republicans were all nicey-nicey and having a pleasant race.

Sure it's subtle, but Fox doesn't always do blatant bias. Sometimes they sneak in the subtle way of doing it.