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Lt Gen Bill Cowan (Ret) Says War In Iraq Will Be Over In Year, Year and a Half But War On Terror Will Last Forever

Reported by Donna - November 26, 2007 -

On E.D. Hills, Pulse on America, she spoke with the pro war candidate and Fox News Contributor, Lt. Gen Bill Cowan (Ret) today about the war in Iraq.

Cowan said the war in Iraq would be over in a year to a year and a half. He said the war on terror will go on forever.

Cowan said there are people there who said that Petreus should have been there from the beginning. He agreed with E.D. Hill that this war should have been fought like the one in Vietnam. (Comment: What?) He said this was Rumsfeld's mistake. Cowan also said that the Pentagon and Rumsfeld ignored all the lessons they learned in Vietnam and that's why we're here where we are now. (Comment: Oh, so it's all Rumsfeld's fault now?)

Cowan then said that for all the criticism Rumsfeld got, this special war against terrorists will go on forever.

E.D. Hill started asking about the country western music star, Tippin, who had been over in Iraq when Cowan was and was wondering if he got her an autograph. Cowan said that it was wonderul when our celebrities use their celebrity for positive works.

Comment: It seems that all these 'positive' stories that come out of Fox are never 'balanced' by any Democrats. Why would that be?

And for what is a very serious story, E.D. Hill is asking for autographs? And I loved the jibe that Cowan got in at the end that said it was good to see a celebrity use his/her celebrity for positive works. There are many celebrities who use their celebrity for positive works, just not the works that Cowan approves of. For instance, Al Franken has been over to Afghanistan many times (I'm not sure if he's been to Iraq) entertaining the troops. Oprah has done work for the troops. So this is an out an out lie. These celebrities are just as positive as the pro war celebrities, even more so since they want our troops home now, just like 70% of the American people and a majority of the troops.