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Bill O'Reilly Lectures USO President

Reported by Deborah - November 26, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly , back from his brief trip to Afghanistan, spoke with the President of the United Service Organization, USO, on The Factor tonight after criticizing the organization during a stopover on his flight back. So tonight Edmund Powell tried to respond to BOR's complaint that the USO isn't doing enough to bring quality entertainment to the troops in Afganistan.

O'Reilly tried to frame the segment by opening with an audio from Dr. Laura Schlessinger complaining that she had volunteered four times with the USO and had been rejected. Sounding rather hyper, she claimed that they had complex demands wanting her to appear " 18 million times". How Schlessinger planned to be entertaining was not discussed.

Powell explained that the USO sends tours all over the world and did 700 this year. He noted that they are told by the military where to go and they can not request a location especially since they depend on the military to provide security and lifts.

O'Reilly said, " I'm not gettin why" bringing up Bob Hope's ability to travel anywhere to do a big show. Powell again mentioned the need for " support" and added that it's hard to carry a full show in helicopters.

Since BOR is now in charge of Afganistan after his daytrip, he assured Powell that he would take care of the Dept of Defense. " I got over there!"he bragged. Then he wanted to know if the USO had rejected Laura Schlessinger. " Blew her off? Is she lying?" He then suggested that James Taylor could take his guitar over in a helicopter.

comment: Wouldn't it be lovely if Bill O'Reilly offered to bankroll a big Bob Hope extravaganza?
In fact, if Bill O'Reilly really cared about entertaining the troops, he could have quietly approached the USO and offered financial support without trying to humiliate them with a public critique. Also it might have been nice if he had praised the organization adequately instead of making them look ineffective.