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Murdoch aiming to make SkyNews more like FOX News

Reported by Chrish - November 25, 2007 -

Reports in The Guardian and elsewhere say that Rupert Murdoch admits to editorial control of British papers The Sun and News of the World, and wants Sky News to be more like Fox News to make it "a proper alternative to the BBC".

The Guardian author writes "Due to the lack of impartiality laws in the US, Fox News became successful as a rightwing counterpoint to the perceived leftwing leanings of its rivals." You know it, I know it, he knows it,,,everybody knows it. So why won't FOX admit it and stop the "fair and balanced" charade? With Murdoch on the record as trying to "shape the agenda" on the Iraq war, "suporting the Bush policy" in the Middle East, and throwing his weight behind candidates in England his lack of objectivity, a requirement for professional journalism on which to base democracy, is a well-known joke.

Note: Amended 11/25 to correct mistaken conflation of BSkyB and Sky News. "BSkyB is the platform - which contains over 500 individual channels, most of which have *nothing* to do with Rupert Murdoch. Sky News is the channel, one of those 500 or so, which obviously does have a Murdoch connection. " My mistake - ch.

Amend to amend: BSkyB IS a News Corp holding per the Columbia Jornalism Review.
Sky News is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation via his holding in British Sky Broadcasting, via Wikipedia.