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Sean Hannity And FOX News Help T. Boone Pickens Renege On Swift Boat Challenge

Reported by Ellen - November 24, 2007 -

While I was on my near-perfect Florida vacation this week, Swift Boat backer T. Boone Pickens appeared on Hannity & Colmes to defend his reneging on an offer of $1 million to anyone who could disprove anything the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth alleged about John Kerry. As it happened, Senator Kerry, himself, took up Pickens' challenge, and asked that the money be donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America. But suddenly, Pickens claimed there were conditions to his challenge (that, coincidentally, Kerry had not met) even though two conservatives in attendance reported otherwise. With video.

Predictably, Pickens was aided and abetted in his sleight of hand by Sean Hannity who pretended to "know" that Pickens' offer was a bet concerning only the Swift Boat ads that ran against Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign. Even worse, "real journalism, fair and balanced" FOX News allowed Pickens to appear alone, without a Kerry representative there to make his case that Pickens' original conditions have been met and that the money is due. In a further mockery of their "we report, you decide" motto, FOX News didn't bother to do any independent investigation into what Pickens had, in fact, originally offered.

Nevertheless, Hannity declared that the matter was "very important."

Brad Friedman of Brad Blog has an excellent and complete analysis of the whole affair.