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FOX News Pundits Complain About Carole Simpson, Forget About Carl Cameron

Reported by Ellen - November 22, 2007 -

Current news employee Sean Hannity, recent fundraiser for Rudolph Giuliani, didn't seem to see the irony in his peevish complaints November 20, 2007, on Hannity & Colmes that former reporter, now journalism professor, Carol Simpson declared public support for a candidate, in this case Hillary Clinton. As Hannity and FOX News fave Brent Bozell rode their high horses accusing Simpson and the "liberal media," they conveniently overlooked a blatant example right there at FOX News: Reporter Carl Cameron schmoozing with then-candidate George Bush and bragging about Mrs. Cameron's involvement in his campaign, as was famously revealed in the documentary film, Outfoxed. Three cheers for Huffington Post's Roy Sekoff who refused to be bullied and made some great points in the process. With video.

Hannity generously allowed that he didn't have a problem with Simpson expressing her views as a professor but, he claimed, her bias as a reporter had just been exposed as the result of her current endorsement of Clinton.

Bozell delcared, "One has to strive for objectivity. One has to strive for balance and fairness and people like Carole Simpson just don't do it."

Sekoff confronted the notion that supporting Clinton was proof of a liberal bias. Citing Clinton's well-known support for universal health care, Sekoff noted that that's the same view as the majority of Americans, not a lefty view. He also pointed that what Simpson actually said was that she liked the fact that Clinton was a woman.

Apparently, on FOX News, there's a world of difference between an ex-reporter endorsing Clinton now, as a professor, and having a current reporter's wife working on a campaign. What a coincidence that the ex-reporter under attack endorsed a Democrat while the reporter given a pass was married to a Republican operative.

The subtext for the assault on Simpson was another FOX News agenda, an attempt to scrub universities of liberal professors, under the cloak of screaming about indoctrination.

Sekoff quipped that just because his professor said he liked Kirkegaard, Sekoff didn't run out and become an existentialist. Or, if a professor loved Jerry Lewis films, Sekoff didn't run out and see Cinderfella. "

Roy Sekoff is our latest top dog.