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McClellan Writes Book & Says It's Not True That Presidents Top Men Were Not Involved With The Outing Of Valerie Plame

Reported by Donna - November 21, 2007 -

Jon Scott substituting for Shepard Smith said Scotty McClellan spoke for the White House when he told the press the president's men were not involved in the leaking of Valerie Plame. Now he says that wasn't true and it was Fox's top story at the bottom of the hour.

Former White House Spokesman, Scotty McClellan writes about the scandal in his book He says five of the highest ranking in the administration were involved. Though he didn't know how much the president knew and when did he know it. He went to Wendall Goler for the story.

Banner reads, 'McClellan: Publc Was Misled In The CIA Leak Scandal'

The president said he never knowingly passed along bad inforation and Scott himself said that Mr. Bush believed that none of his senior advisors knew about it. Goler said, "We now know that he was wrong on that.: The other four McClellan mentioned, former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and Vice President Cheney didn't talk to reporters but Cheney's former Chief of
Staff, Scooter Libby and the presidents former Chief Political Advisor, Karl Rove did. Goler continued and said we now know that former Deputy Chief of Staff, Richard Armitage who leaked Valerie Plame.

The banner read, 'McClellan: Public Was Mislead In The CIA Leak Scandal'

Scott and Goler decided that there probably wouldn't be any legal action taken against them because it had already been through Congress and there would probaby be no legal ramifications, and the president pardoned Libby. Goler said it was important to Scott McClellan to get the story out.

The banner read, 'McClellan: Unknowingly Lied About CIA Leak'

The book is due out in April and they are trying to hype it early, Goler said.

Comment: Another Bush crook, another book, ]What Happened', sure to fill the pockets of McClellan and we're stuck once again with All The Presidents Men. How do you unknowingly lie? So, the president unkowingly lied?