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Laura Ingraham harrasses and ridicules guest Sunsara Taylor

Reported by Chrish - November 21, 2007 -

Sunsara Taylor of WorldCantWait.net was a "guest" on the O'Reilly Factor last night 11/20/07, but substitute host Laura Ingraham treated her like a hostile witness, outdoing even O'Reilly in poor interviewing tactics.
With video.

Taylor was on, ostensibly, to comment on the behavior of students who interrupted Alberto Gonzales' speech at the University of Florida. She wanted to reiterate her views of Gonzales and the Bush administration vis-a-vis torture, denial of Habeus Corpus, and other criminal acts; Ingraham wanted to smear the students and by association Taylor for trying to deny Gonzales his right to free speech. (Ingraham is a lawyer so presumably much brighter than her facile arguments would indicate.)

Ingraham ridiculed Taylor's attire and said she was making a fool of herself, over-talking a la O'Reilly, badgering a la Hannity, and creating false arguments a la Coulter. Taylor stuck to her own talking points, ignoring Ingraham's taunts and refusing to answer the loaded questions. It's ironic to watch Ingraham rant about denial of free speech platforms as she asserted her position as host in a blatantly unfair and unbalanced, not to mention disrespectful, declaration of power, and denied Taylor the same opportunity she claims Gonzales was denied.

FOX will claim that they allow opposing views (opposite, note, their one-sided line-up of right-wing and righter-wing hosts) but we've seen myriad incidents like this, where the left point of view is drowned out, mocked, and pounded by the right-wing host. Expect to see Sunny on the body-language segment next week.